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KBC leverages TechWolf for skill insight


Automatic skill provision for internal talent platform

As skill data fuels the entire talent platform at KBC, KBC turned to TechWolf to improve the quality of their skill data. In using AI to infer skills based on data, KBC looks to double the depth of skill profiles and remove bias caused by skill self-assessment.

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TechWolf - strategic workforce intelligence


Strategic Workforce Intelligence

As human capital is the most crucial asset in their organisation, Telenet implemented TechWolf in their quest towards Strategic Workforce Intelligence. They now have a better grasp of the skills present in their walls and the skills needed in the future.

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Candidate-centric matchmaking

USG People

Candidate-centric matchmaking

For USG People, TechWolf implemented a pro-active matchmaking tool to identify critical talent within their database. The top candidates were introduced in a fast and simple way to the consultants, to maximise the value of talent.

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Resume matching

SD Worx

Skill extraction and job matching

TechWolf provides pre-screening opportunities by extracting candidate skill information from SAP SuccessFactors and matching vacant jobs with the most promising candidates.

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