How KBC uses Skills Data to Implement Business Strategy

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KBC adopts a skills-based approach

With more than 12 million clients and 41.000 employees worldwide, KBC Bank is the largest bank in Belgium. The shift to skills is an important topic at KBC, reflected in their purpose statement: 'We are preparing for tomorrow’s challenges so that our current and future employees can develop their potential.'

KBC leverages TechWolf for skill insight


Skill identification and management

Based on the changed behaviour of the bank's clients, KBC adopts a digital-first mindset. Identifying the skills of their employees is a necessary step for efficient upskilling and training.

People’s jobs are changing. We leverage skill data and insight into skill gaps to offer tailored learning and close any gaps using KBC's learning platform.

Anette Böhm Senior General Manager Human Resources, KBC
Synchronized skill intelligence across all platforms


Synchronised Skill Intelligence

KBC firmly believes in providing learning and development for their employees, people being the most important factor in implementing a business strategy. KBC leverages TechWolf's AI-driven Skills Intelligence as the bank sets out to make skills data accessible throughout the organisation.


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    From 48% to full adoption

    The skills of every employee are now listed. Before using AI-driven Skill Intelligence, this was a manual process and not everybody completed their profile.

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    130% more skills, no bias

    When employee's skills are automatically extracted from HR records and daily work, any kind of bias is counteracted. KBC noticed a general uptick in skills listed.

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    From yearly to daily updates

    When people have to manually update their skills, the data doesn't get refreshed often. Leveraging TechWolf's instant skill intelligence, the information is now always current.