API first skill infrastructure for enterprises.

Our advanced AI creates high-quality skill profiles by leveraging data from systems where employees do their work, unlike traditional applications that are only using limited and siloed HR data.

Unlock the skills-based organisation

AI for Skill Inference

TechWolf's Skill Engine deconstructs workforce elements down to the level of skills. See the smart connections between projects, people and learning that make agile work possible.

Talent management

Talent Management

Find talent for critical positions

Complete and unbiased information on your workforce's skills gives you access to a much larger pool of people who are eligible for a vacant position.

Learning development

Learning & Development

Close skill gaps with learning

Empower employees to take ownership of their career and close skill gaps. Show the learning paths that bring people to their desired destination.

People strategy

People Strategy

Make data-driven people decisions

AI-driven Skills Inference gives you 100% coverage of your workforce, unlike any manual method. Keep an overview of the current and desired skill level and monitor the skill gap evolution.

How TechWolf elevated skills in these organisations

TechWolf - strategic workforce intelligence

Customer case

Strategic Workforce Intelligence at Telenet

As human capital is the most crucial asset in their organisation, Telenet implemented TechWolf in their quest towards Strategic Workforce Intelligence. They now have a better grasp of the skills present in their walls and the skills needed in the future.

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How does TechWolf work?

We are not another HR platform. TechWolf connects to your existing systems via API and uses advanced AI to get actionable insights out of your employee data.

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