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USG People is part of RGF Staffing, one of the world's largest HR services providers, with activities in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. USG People is an ecosystem of brands containing Start People, USG Professionals, Unique and more.

Skill based matching full solution

The solution

Maximising the value of talent

Top talent can be buried deep in a candidate database, often filed with outdated or limited data. TechWolf implemented a pro-active matchmaking tool for USG People to identify very employable talent within their database. These top candidates are introduced in a fast and simple way to the consultants, to maximise the value of talent.

  1. 1

    Candidate skill profile

    Based on candidate data, TechWolf can automatically calculate and generate a candidate's skill set - necessary to do data-driven matching.

  2. 2

    Pro-active matchmaking

    By continuously monitoring USG People's enormous database, TechWolf can find in-demand candidates with a high chance of successful placement within a heartbeat.

  3. 3

    Matching to organisations

    Based on years of historical data within the labour market, TechWolf automatically matches candidates with organisations that hired similar profiles in the past.


New revenue streams

Creating new revenue streams by leveraging hidden talent in the existing candidate database.

More candidate placements

Pro-active matching with organisations creates more high-quality placement opportunities.

Recommended by peers

3 out of 4 USG People's consultants would recommend the matching system to colleagues or other agencies.

Other use cases

SD Worx

TechWolf provides pre-screening opportunities by extracting candidate skill information from SAP SuccessFactors and matching vacant jobs with the most promising candidates.


TechWolf helps Telenet gain insights into the talent present in their walls, better preparing them for future transformation.


TechWolf helps InnoEnergy proactively reskill people on a massive scale, yet with a personalised experience for each employee.

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