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SD Worx builds HR and payroll services, as well as software for the new world of work.

With smart collaboration and drive for result-oriented innovation, SD Worx supports the ambition of employers and employees in an honest and sustainable way.

SD Worx - Pre-screening

Challenges & Approach

Supporting HRBPs with unbiased and effective decision making in prescreening.

Human resource business partners rarely have the time to screen every job candidate thoroughly. TechWolf provides pre-screening opportunities by extracting candidate skill information from SAP SuccessFactors and matching vacant jobs with the most promising candidates.

  1. 1

    Extracting information

    The Skill Engine™ transforms every vacancy into a skill set and highlights key skills. Additionally, it creates comparable skill sets from candidate data and SAP SuccessFactors interactions.

  2. 2

    Skill-based matching

    The Skill Engine™ matches applicants and the jobs they applied for and returns valuable information about these potential matches, including a matching percentage score and a shortlist of best candidates back to SAP SuccessFactors.

  3. 3

    Generating insights on promising candidates

    The Skill Engine™ shows all promising matches by cross-matching the entire SD Worx talent pool with all jobs. At the same time, candidates receive immediate feedback about which new job openings match their profile best.


Transparency for candidates

Not only do candidates get an instant indication of their suitability for a specific job, but they also receive a list of vacancies that might better match their profile.

Talent pool used to the maximum

Candidates are matched with all vacancies to ensure all potential talent is realised.

Decision support for recruiters

With a real-time overview and comparison of people, recruiters can speed up the selection process with unbiased and effective prescreening.

Other use cases


TechWolf helps InnoEnergy proactively reskill people on a massive scale, yet with a personalised experience for each employee.


TechWolf helps Telenet gain insights into the talent present in their walls, better preparing them for future transformation.

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