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BOEMM: Employment & Staffing with a strong focus on matching

BOEMM is an Employment & Staffing agency founded by Philip Cracco & current CEO Lieven Bonamie in 2017. BOEMM stands for 'Best Of Employment Market and Matching'. A prophetic name, as it turns out: the agency's focus on AI-driven matching has become a true differentiator from other players in the market.

Dimitri De Rocker


Entering an existing market as a new player

The Employment & Staffing industry was already well-established when BOEMM entered the playing field in 2017. To stand out from the 'sea of sameness', the agency invested in cutting-edge technology to assure the best matches between vacancies and candidates.

To sustain their phenomenal growth, they needed a solution to get recruiters and consultants up-to-speed fast. Not only to match candidates with vacancies, but also to know which companies they could call to proactively propose fitting candidates.

Our matching process is second to none thanks to TechWolf's AI-driven skills inference technology. The matching rates are high, and the efficiency gain gives our recruiters more time for personal contact with customers and candidates.

Dimitri De Rocker CTO
Skill based matching full solution


Consultants perform all their tasks from within the enhanced ATS

Integrating TechWolf's matching technology with their proprietary Applicant Tracking System (ATS), BOEMM created a powerful HR tech solution that supports every aspect of the business.

Not only does it give consultants a relevant overview of fitting vacancies for every candidate, but it also creates smart calling lists of suitable candidates for incoming vacancies.

The underlying Skill Inference technology determines how close a candidate's skills are to the skillset required in a vacancy, thereby significantly improving the chances of a successful match.

What's more, BOEMM's consultants leverage TechWolf's integrated labour market insights to know for which vacancies more than 200.000 companies usually hire, making it a breeze to approach potential new customers with relevant candidate suggestions at first contact.

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