Skills management in IT Services at Cegeka

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Customer interview with CHRO Anik Stalmans.

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About the customer

Cegeka: a family-owned IT solutions provider founded on craftsmanship

Cegeka is a European provider of IT solutions, services and consultancy. The company was founded in 1992 and is active in over ten countries. Over the years, Cegeka has grown into the largest independent IT services group in the Benelux.

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Innovation requires advanced skills management

With the growing importance of AI, G5 and cloud technologies, skills management is high on the agenda at Cegeka. Employees' job content is changing rapidly, and the skills requirements change just as fast.

Cegeka has to ensure they have the right in-house skills to meet customers' needs.

Managing these skills manually is a tough challenge, and Cegeka looked at TechWolf to provide a solution.

The cooperation with TechWolf works very well. They know what we need, and their expertise adds a great deal of value to our skills management projects.

Anik Stalmans CHRO Cegeka
Skills infrastructure for your HR ecosystem


AI-driven Skills Inference

TechWolf helps Cegeka in building an up-to-date skills taxonomy and inventory of the available skills within the organisation, in order to build more efficient training and recruitment plans, improve internal mobility and to provide their customers with uniform CVs.

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Skill Inference use cases at Cegeka

  1. 1

    Skill Taxonomy

    For an organization to effectively talk about skills, it needs a shared language. That is why companies rely on skill taxonomies: a taxonomy structures skills into a manageable number of competencies, to be used as a language to talk about skills. TechWolf provides such a framework automatically.

  2. 2

    Custom Skill Inventory

    Using TechWolf's AI-powered Skills Intelligence, Cegeka creates a custom skills inventory. It serves as a baseline for skills-based work and keeps track of changing skillsets. Various processes and systems can now be completed with skills data and skills can be easily located in the company.

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    Skill Profiles

    Cegeka leveraged Techwolf's Skill Engine to transform (un)structured data points of a selected group of employees into their associated skills and the level of proficiency acquired, taking into account degree and working experience.