Instant skills mapping facilitates digital transformation at Garrett Motion

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Garrett Motion: an engineering technology leader in the automotive space

Swiss-American company Garrett Motion (formerly Honeywell) designs and makes turbochargers for all types of vehicles, ranging from passenger and racing cars to large trucks, industrial equipment and construction machinery. In line with the rise of electric vehicles, Garrett is venturing into the production of digital drivetrains.

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Major shifts in automotive require reskilling and upskilling

When Garrett started a number of talent development initiatives to successfully navigate digital transformation, it became apparent that their process of identifying and mapping skills could be improved. To get an overview of people's capabilities, HR relied heavily on input from managers. The whole process was time-consuming, required a lot of administration and lacked a straightforward way to monitor the effect of hiring and L&D efforts.

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From manual skill management to AI-powered Skill Inference

Garrett stepped away from the traditional way of gathering skills information and switched to TechWolf's automatic skill inference, a technique which uses AI to extract skills data from HR information already available in the company. Doing so, Garrett rolled out a full overview of available skills in just 6 weeks. Having this knowledge benefits their talent management and learning initiatives.

Skill Inference use cases at Garrett

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    Skill Inventory

    Using TechWolf's AI-powered Skills Intelligence, Garrett created a custom skills inventory. It serves as a baseline for skills-based work and keeps track of changing skillsets. Various processes and systems can now be completed with skills data and (hidden) skills can be located anywhere in the company.

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    Skill Gaps

    Garrett has conducted a strategy exercise to determine the IT skills they need to be successful in the future. Leveraging TechWolf's skill tracking, they can now monitor the gap between where a specific skill level is currently at, and where it needs to be.

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    Skill Risks

    Certain skills are critical for business continuity at Garrett. With TechWolf, Garrett now has insight into which skills are at risk and has an overview of potential replacements and successors, sourced from the entire company.


Short time to value

The first use cases were live in less than 6 weeks vs months of manual skill data gathering.


Combined skills data is visualised in clear dashboards, making HR data valuable and actionable.

Global solution

TechWolf's AI-powered Skills Intelligence works across Garrett's global organisation, creating a holistic overview of talent.

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