White Paper: The State of Skill Inference

A teardown of 7 popular data sources used for AI-driven skill inference

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Skill Inference helps companies identify, manage and leverage the skills of their workforce.

The technology automatically finds skill information in various data sources.

Read the White Paper to discover which data sources work best.

Skill Inference book

AI-driven Skill Inference is a new method to extract employee skills from text, using natural language processing.

It analyses various types of readily available employee information and picks up on skills.

All without any manual input.

The question is: which data sources work best?

Does AI pick up on more skills from

  • someone’s work history,
  • the meetings they attend,
  • their contributions to the company wiki,
  • the projects they work on,
  • the courses they took,
  • their annual goals?

A global company partnered with TechWolf to find out. As part of a large scale Skills Intelligence program, in-depth research was conducted on 7 data sources.

This white paper examines which data sources turned out to be the goldmines for skills information, and which ones underperformed.