Office Hours #2: Skills-Based Organisations win War for Talent

As companies are moving towards becoming Skills-Based Organisations, skills are high on the agenda of CEOs, CHROs and Talent Leaders alike. In this video series, TechWolf's CEO Andreas De Neve breaks down various skills-related subjects and their impact on business and strategy.

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“The biggest struggle we have? More jobs than people!”

That’s what’s coming up in all the discussions I’m having with HR leaders.

In the video, I share a few customer stories on the topic. The stories come from people who are approaching talent shortages from a new, skills-based perspective.

Deloitte and others summarise it well: “The skills-based organisation places skills and human capabilities at the heart of talent strategies, creating a new operating model for work and the workforce.”

The companies in the video have placed skills at the heart of their recruiting strategy:

✓ To attract new talent, they look beyond the CV of job applicants and list people’s skills. If there is no immediate match with a vacancy, a future match with a new job opening is still possible.

✓ To promote internal mobility, they unlock the internal labour market. When opening up a new role, it is analysed in terms of skills, and matched with the skills of current employees. This helps promote and keep high potentials.