How a global bank got an accurate view of skills in 8 weeks

Global bank

About the customer

Global bank and digital transformation leader

A large retail & insurance provider, active in more than 6 countries and with more than 35.000 employees globally. The bank is widely considered ahead of the curve in digital transformation with great D-ratings and investments in AI and crypto.

Data in HR

The challenge

Lack of reliable data

This global bank made a big bet on becoming a fully skills-based organisation: they changed various processes to become skill-driven. They implemented a state-of-the-art skills-based employee experience platform. But both the methods and experience platform were underwhelming because of a lack of reliable data.

Skills data obstacles

Skills data was inconsistent and of poor quality

Some people entered 100+ skills, others did not even bother at all

No differentiation between different people in the same role.

The organisation wrongly assumed everyone in the same job had the same skills.

Executives and HR did not trust the data

HR Managers nor C-level executives trusted the data available to them.


The goal

Digital transformation through skills

The CEO wanted to focus on the internal development & reskilling of employees rather than mass terminations/layoffs. The CHRO wanted to be able to report on the reskilling progress and wanted leadership to trust the validity of their data.

  • Use data and people's digital footprint to understand which actual skills people have and are used daily

  • Feed skills data into the existing HR Architecture

  • L&D wanted to measure its ROI, and demonstrate learning effectiveness & efficiency.

  • Workforce planning needed to base itself on targeted interventions e.g. recruitment, internal mobility and redeployment...


The solution

AI Skill Inference

The bank first ran a PoC to prove that TechWolf’s skill inference AI could fix their skills data. After a data maturity scan, and with newly quantified skills data, we worked together to design the program for a broader rollout.

TechWolf then helped the company discover the skills problem that was hurting them and offered a solution that perfectly matched their vision of a skills ecosystem. We solved the data problem without introducing yet another employee-facing tool or using surveys or other manual methods.


  1. 1

    8 weeks to deliver demonstrable results

    Employees & managers at the bank evaluated their own skill profiles. The approval rate for the process jumped to 95%.

  2. 2

    100% skills completion

    Skills data improved drastically, both in quality and quantity.

  3. 3

    Higher internal mobility

    A tangible higher Internal mobility and healthy competition between the internal and external labour market.

  4. 4

    Strong approval by employees and managers

    The global bank gained a newfound view of its essential skills, including previously hidden ones.

  5. 5

    Insights and skills boosting the roadmap

    TechWolf not only gave this global bank insights into the skills problem that was hurting them, its CHRO saw that she could use skills data to drive her entire roadmap forward.